Solido Models: Fast Becoming Our Favourite Brand for Model Cars

When it comes to model cars, few brands can match the legacy and quality of Solido. Founded in 1932 in France, Solido has long been a staple in the diecast model industry, producing a wide range of meticulously detailed model cars and vehicles. Over the decades, Solido has established itself as a leader in the market, known for its commitment to quality and affordability.

A Commitment to Quality and Affordability

One of the standout features of Solido models is their remarkable attention to detail and build quality, especially given their competitive price point. Each Solido model is hand-assembled, ensuring precision and craftsmanship in every piece. This meticulous assembly process guarantees that every detail is accurately replicated, from the intricate interiors to the finely tuned exteriors.

Superior Components and Finishes

Solido takes pride in using high-quality components in their models. The materials are carefully selected to provide durability and a realistic appearance. The refined paint finishes on Solido models are second to none, offering a smooth and glossy look that enhances the authenticity of each car. The vibrant colours and detailed graphics are meticulously applied, ensuring that every model is a true representation of the original vehicle.

Attention to Detail

Most of Solido's 1:18 scale models feature opening doors, allowing collectors to showcase the detailed interiors. These interiors are crafted with precision, featuring accurately scaled seats, dashboards, and other components that reflect the real-life counterparts. This level of detail is often found in models at much higher price points, making Solido an excellent value.

Expanding the Range: 1:43 Scale Models

In addition to their popular 1:18 scale models, Solido has recently reintroduced 1:43 scale model cars to their range. These smaller models maintain the same high standards of quality and detail as their larger counterparts. Priced below £30, they provide an affordable option for collectors, rivalling models from other brands that charge £40 or more.

Each 1:43 model comes shrink-wrapped, ensuring that the display cases remain pristine and free from scratches. While this packaging method may not align with all environmental preferences, it guarantees that the models arrive in perfect condition, unlike some from other brands that often come with hazy scratches.

Diverse and Global Range

Solido's range of subjects is impressively diverse, encompassing cars from all over the globe. Unlike some brands that focus predominantly on British, French, or German vehicles, Solido's catalogue includes models from across the globe - from USA to Russia, and many other countries in-between, offering something for every collector. This extensive variety makes Solido an exciting brand for anyone looking to expand their collection with unique and diverse models.

A Call to Collectors

If you’re in the market for high-quality, affordable model cars, Solido is a brand you can trust. Their dedication to detail, coupled with their reasonable pricing, makes them an excellent choice for both seasoned collectors and those new to the hobby. Don’t miss out on adding these exceptional models to your collection.

Explore our selection of Solido models today and experience the perfect blend of quality and value. Your collection deserves the best—make it a Solido!


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