If you're new to models, understanding their scales might seem confusing initially, but it's simpler than it appears. Let's break it down.

Scales are expressed as a fraction or a ratio, like 1/43 or 1:43. In this context, '1' represents the original subject's size, and '43' indicates how many times smaller the model is. For example, a 4.3 metre long car, divided by 43, results in a model that's approximately 10 cm long.

If you're not keen on the technical details and just want to know the size of a model, we've created handy reference charts for cars and bikes. Keep in mind, these sizes may vary based on the original subject's size, but they offer a quick overview of common model scales.

Choosing the right scale

Choosing the right scale for models may seem daunting, but it's all about finding what suits your preferences and space. Let's break down the scales to help you make an informed decision:

1:12 scale model motorcycles. Often favoured by prestigious brands, these models offer an enhanced level of intricacy compared to their smaller counterparts.

1:18 scale model motorcycles. This popular scale strikes a great balance between price and detail, with renowned brands like Bburago, Maisto, and Welly showcasing their craftsmanship in this category.

1:18 scale model cars. The largest scale that we stock, offering enhanced detail. Often chosen by prestige brands, but keep in mind these models require ample space for display due to their size.

1:24 scale model cars. A popular choice for display or play. Features like opening doors and bonnets are common, and their smaller size makes them versatile in various environments.

1:32 scale model cars. Though less common for cars, it's suitable for play and is close in size to the old Corgi standard. Commonly used for farm models and toys.

1:43 scale model cars. The most popular scale, ranging from inexpensive toy cars to highly detailed collector items. With a small footprint (around 10 cm in length), they're ideal for collections or individual display.

1:64 scale model cars. Originating in the U.S. (thanks to Hot Wheels), this scale is gaining popularity in the UK. Brands like Mini GT and Paragon offer superbly detailed models at a lower cost and require less space than 1:43 scale cars.

1:76 scale model cars. Perfect for OO gauge railway layouts or tight spaces. While smaller sizes may blur details, the reasonable prices make this scale popular for budget-friendly gift purchases.

Remember, there's no right or wrong choice; it's about finding what fits your preferences and available space. Whether you're into intricate details or prefer versatility, there's a scale that suits your collecting style.

Model Car Scale/Size Guide

The following scale/size examples are based on a car measuring 4.3 metres in length

1:18 scale

Length (approx.) 24 cm, 238 mm, 9.4 inches

1:24 scale

Length (approx.) 18 cm, 179 mm, 7 inches

1:32 scale

Length (approx.) 13.5 cm, 134 mm, 5.3 inches

1:43 scale

Length (approx.) 10 cm, 100 mm, 4 inches

1:64 scale

Length (approx.) 6.5 cm, 67 mm, 2.6 inches

1:76 scale (OO gauge)

Length (approx.) 2 cm, 21 mm, 0.9 inches

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Model Motorcycles Scale/Size Guide

The following scale/size examples are based on a motorcycle measuring approximately 2 metres in length

1:12 scale model motorcycle

1:12 scale

Length (approx.): 17.5 cm, 175 mm, 7 inches

1:18 scale model motorcycle

1:18 scale

Length (approx.): 11.5 cm, 116 mm, 4.5 inches

1:24 scale model motorcycle

1:24 scale

Length (approx.): 8.5 cm, 87 mm, 3.4 inches

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Car V Bike

In case you're wondering how a model bike and car compare alongside each other

1:18 Scale

Here's a 1:18 scale model bike alongside a 1:18 scale model car