A James Bond Triumph!

With the release of the latest James Bond film 'No Time to Die' here at last, we have received a timely update on the development of Corgi’s die-cast mode of the Triumph Scrambler 1200 motorcycle, as seen in the film.

Originally announced as a 1:24 scale model, Corgi realised during development, that in order to produce a model worthy of Triumph’s craftmanship major and significant changes would have been made. Hence the model will now be produced in 1:12 scale resulting in a bike twice the size at approx.180mm long with superior detail and decoration.

The image shown here which has been provided by Corgi shows the highly detailed early CAD data of this new model, but there may be some changes before we get to see the finished product.

So, to recap, there will not be a James Bond Triumph Scrambler 1200 in 1:24 scale, only a 1:12 scale version which Corgi will reveal as part of their 2022 catalogue in January.

We've no idea on price yet, and we're not even able to order them ourselves at the moment, but just as soon we can, we will, and hopefully we'll get to see these on our website sometime next year.

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