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ADD ON ITEM - only available in conjunction with selected models


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Most model cars of 1:24 scale and larger, i.e. 1:24, 1:18, and most model motorcycles of 1:12 and larger, i.e. 1:12, 1:10.

Some models do not have number plate boards for us to attach our plates to. If you see a number plate or number plate board on the model in the photos, then it will be okay. if not, we will attempt to mount them on suitable bodywork, but in some instances we may not be able do that and will notify you before proceeding.

Not exactly. We do try to make them resemble real plates by matching colours and fonts as closely as possible, but we can't reproduce borders, badges, and small text, nor round the corners.

The plates are printed on self-adhesive vinyl. Over time the inks may fade, especially if they are exposed to sunlight or direct bright lights. Care must also be taken when cleaning to avoid wet materials as they may cause the inks to bleed, and in extreme cases, loosen the glue backing.

Sorry, no.

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