At Diecast Model Centre, we prioritise the pristine condition of your models upon delivery. When you purchase from us, rest assured knowing that your delicate models are meticulously packaged with utmost care. We employ stringent measures to ensure secure packaging, holding ourselves to standards that we would expect as customers.

Our packaging protocol includes:

  • Utilising sturdy cardboard boxes, eschewing bags or envelopes for added protection.
  • Shielding models from impact and shock damage with eco-friendly void fill packaging chips or paper.

Years of experience have honed our packaging techniques, consistently yielding satisfactory results. Despite our diligence, occasional mishaps may occur due to unforeseen circumstances or mishandling. In such rare instances, we take full accountability and offer either a replacement or a full refund. For detailed information, please refer to our Returns page.

Environmental responsibility is integral to our operations. While prioritising protection for your models, we strive to adopt eco-friendly packaging solutions whenever feasible. Our commitment to sustainability includes:

  • Utilising packaging materials crafted from recycled sources, including boxes and void fill packaging chips.
  • Facilitating easy recycling of packaging components such as tissue paper, kraft paper, and cardboard.
  • Acknowledging the limitations of certain materials like parcel tape, ensuring minimal usage to reduce environmental impact.
  • Striving to minimize the use of non-biodegradable materials like bubble-wrap, seeking sustainable alternatives wherever possible.

In instances where additional materials like foam or polystyrene are incorporated into our packaging, rest assured they are reclaimed from incoming parcels and are reused conscientiously.

At Diecast Model Centre, we remain dedicated to safeguarding your models while prioritising environmental sustainability.