At the Diecast Model Centre we know how important it is for you to receive your model in perfect condition - first time, every time! Which is why when you buy from the Diecast Model Centre, you can relax safe in the knowledge that your delicate model(s) will be packaged securely with care. No models leave our premises until we are satisfied that they are securely packaged to a standard that we would be pleased to receive them in ourselves.

All models are:

  • Packed in a quality cardboard box marked as 'Fragile' - we never send out models in bags or envelopes
  • Cushioned from impact and shock damage with biodegradable void fill packaging chips or kraft paper
We have been packing models in this way for several years and are very pleased with the results it achieves. However, despite our best efforts, there are unfortunately occasions where parcels are damaged due to negligence or accident, but should the unthinkable happen and your model arrives damaged, we take full responsibility and shall either replace it or offer a full refund. Please see our Returns page for further details.


In common with many businesses, we try to be as 'Green' as possible with our packaging, but at the same time we have to weigh this up with what offers the best protection for your models.

Many of the boxes and the void fill packaging chips that we use are made from recycled materials and the majority of our packaging is suitable for recycling after use.
  • Tissue paper - widely recycled
  • Kraft paper - widely recycled
  • Void fill packaging chips - not widely recycled but are long-term biodegradable
  • Packing slips  widely recycled or shredded
  • Cardboard and cardboard boxes  widely recycled (without tape) and/or reusable
  • Parcel tape - not recyclable
Unfortunately, as yet, we haven't sourced biodegradable bubble-wrap of an acceptable quality so, for the time being we try to limit its use to the bare minimum. But if used and if it can't be reused, landfill may be the only option for its disposal.

On occasions you may find other materials used in our packaging of your models, such as foam and polystyrene. Where these are used, they have been reclaimed from parcels that we have received ourselves and may continue to be used again.