We're Now on Trustpilot

Good news! We've now teamed up with Trustpilot to give all our customers another option for leaving feedback on their purchases from us.

Trustpilot is one of the biggest names in customer reviews and is the number one point of reference for many customers seeking service and product reviews before making a purchase. For those of you not familiar with Trustpilot though, the trust score is more than a simple average score based on customer ratings such as that employed by Google for example. As well as taking customers ratings into account, it takes in many other factors to determine if a business is trustworthy including how businesses respond to reviews, how long ago reviews were left and whether a business is actively seeking customer feedback through Trustpilot.

We're really excited to have signed up with Trustpilot and are fired up to boost our trust score. At the time of writing, we are standing at 3.9 from just 3 reviews, not where we want to be, but when starting out Trustpilot automatically allocate 7 imaginary reviews at 3.5, so it's an incentive to make sure that we are giving top-notch service along with business transparency.

We have sent out a number of review requests through Trustpilot, but there is a limit on how many we can send in one go so if you haven't received one and would like to leave a review, you may do so here: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/diecastmodelcentre.co.uk.

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