Delivery Changes

Over the past few weeks we have been experimenting with various different delivery options with the intention of making the process less complicated and more customer-focused whilst keeping costs as low as possible.

Delivery Options

At one point about a year ago, we had around four or five different delivery options which was, admittedly, quite confusing, but we were in different times then with a lot of uncertainty and some deliveries taking a couple of weeks to arrive so we felt it was best to offer our customers a wider choice of services.

Thankfully, even though we are not out of the COVID-19 risk just yet, things are beginning to get back to normal - or, at least a new normal - and delivery times have by-and-large improved considerably. The upshot is that we have reduced our delivery options to just two, Standard delivery and Next Day delivery. Standard delivery takes around 2-5 days (estimated) to arrive and even when we offered a quicker option, we found that most customers opted for the slightly slower option. In scenarios where customers still require quick delivery, we offer Next Day which does just that.

Despatch Time

We have also been able to make improvements to our despatch process and have been able to extend our same-day despatch cut-off time from midday to 3 pm (1pm Friday) which will be a great benefit to our customers who place their orders during their lunch breaks.

Countdown Timer

Helping in making things clearer is our newly introduced countdown timer to be found on all product pages which not only counts down to our next delivery cut-off time but also shows an estimated delivery date for Standard deliveries and a guaranteed one for Next Day deliveries.


Finally, the unwelcome part of online shopping - delivery charges. The good news here though is that we are still able to maintain the rates that we set at the beginning of this year and will continue to offer free delivery on orders over £75.

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